End Your Flea and Tick Problem with the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Fort Worth

If you have a dog at home, it’s an uphill battle trying to keep your pets and home free of fleas and ticks. These pests thrive in the moist, shaded and nutrient-rich conditions found on live lawns. The best artificial grass for dogs in Fort Worth offers a permanent solution to your tick and flea problem. At the same time, it also creates more pet-friendly conditions that keeps your dog safe and comfortable every time they go out into the yard.

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Fleas and Ticks: A Recurring Problem

It’s almost impossible to get rid of fleas and ticks completely if you have real grass. However, there are ways you can try to lower their numbers:

  • Monthly flea treatment for your dogs
  • Growing flea-repellent plants
  • Flooding out the grass to flush out pests
  • Treating the entire backyard with pesticides, and reapplying regularly
  • Mowing and trimming the lawn regularly to reduce their breeding grounds
  • Applying diatomaceous earth to the lawn
  • Always keeping the surface dry

While these can help you manage your flea and tick issue, there’s still a big chance of recurrence. Your lawn’s shady and moist areas provide plenty of shelter and food to these pests. They can also burrow in the soil. If your dog is already infested, they can quickly spread the fleas and ticks around anywhere they go – along fences, on the patio and porch, around your pool and even indoors.

It can take a lot of time and resources to try and control your flea and tick population, and just one missed maintenance can lead to a fresh infestation. For many pet owners, synthetic grass installation in Fort Worth provides a permanent and effective solution.

Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks for Good with Artificial Grass

Switching to artificial grass goes to the root of your pest problem by eliminating both their breeding grounds and food source. Turf accomplishes this in several ways:

It stays short and even

Overgrown weeds and lawns don’t just look unattractive, but they also make perfect hiding places for ticks and fleas. That’s why you need to mow, trim and prune your backyard constantly if you’d like to lower your flea population. Miss one weekend due to a busy schedule or lack of budget for professional lawn care, and a full-blown infestation may be right around the corner.

You’ll have no such problem with turf because it stays at the perfect height as the day it was installed. This means fleas and ticks will have no moist, overgrown and shady places to hide while you enjoy a well-manicured lawn all year long.

It drains efficiently

Fleas and ticks tend to congregate and breed in moist areas, and these go away when you switch to the best artificial grass for dogs in Fort Worth. Turf’s porous backing system can drain water at several gallons a minute, which creates a quickly-drying surface.

It doesn’t provide food

Since artificial grass isn’t alive, it doesn’t provide any food source to fleas and ticks, and they won’t survive on your new synthetic lawn.

Say Goodbye to Pest Infestations with Artificial Grass

Pests have no place in any backyard. For a non-toxic, low-maintenance and beautiful solution to your infestation problem, upgrade your lawn with artificial grass in Fort Worth. Call Home Turf Fort Worth today at 281-816-9598! Let’s talk about designing a safer, more fun and picture-perfect synthetic lawn that complements your home and lifestyle.