Customized Artificial Grass Putting Green Installation in Fort Worth

The artificial grass you can get from us is not only used to create luscious and beautiful green lawns, but you can also install turf that is specialized for artificial grass putting green installations in Fort Worth.

In fact, with our synthetic grass installation, Fort Worth property owners get the next best thing to a natural golf playing course. This service is one of our most popular with both residential and commercial clients. We can create a high-quality, customized layout for you that gives you 24/7 access to your own private golf course.

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Create A World-Class Putting Green On Your Fort Worth Property

The greens that we create for our Fort Worth clients closely mimic traditional golf course putting green conditions. You get consistent ball roll as well as a highly receptive surface that provides you with a perfect practice setting.

You also get key benefits like:

  • Efficient water drainage
  • Resistance to high amounts of wear and tear
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High performance for any type of putting scenario

The putting greens that HomeTurf Fort Worth can create for you are completely customizable. We can offer different types of products that provide realistic playing speeds and chipping performance.

Because we customize our services, we can also create putting greens for you with:

  • Slopes and undulations
  • Multiple holes
  • Sand traps
  • Breaks
  • Tee boxes

Our installation team has the expertise and training to install your putting green quickly and professionally. They know how to use the latest tools and equipment needed to create the putting green of your dream. We know you will be 100% satisfied!

Design An Artificial Putting Green With Home Turf

At HomeTurf Fort Worth, we want you to enjoy a realistic, customized putting green that offers you full enjoyment and convenience. That’s why we create fully-customized putting greens for residential and commercial properties around Fort Worth. Take the first steps to creating your personal putting green by Contacting Us Today or give us a call on 281-816-9598 to book your appointment today. We can’t wait for you to learn what synthetic turf options we have available to create this one-of-a-kind space on your property.