How to Design a Park-Like Backyard with Synthetic Grass Installation in Fort Worth

Most people love spending time at the park. It’s peaceful, there’s plenty of space for recreation, a cool shade under the trees and inviting seating areas where you can relax as long as you’d like. Why not replicate the same experience in your own backyard? With the help of synthetic grass installation in Fort Worth, you can design your very own park-like paradise in the comfort of home.

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4 Tips on Designing a Park-Like Synthetic Yard

Artificial grass is the perfect material for this project. It can be customized with hardscapes, softscapes and living plants and trees to create that wonderful park ambiance. Turf is also low-maintenance, durable and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to overthink upkeep.

You don’t have to wait for it to grow either— once the installation team is done, you can start using your new artificial yard immediately. Finally, synthetic turf is as beautiful as the real thing. It’s lush, vibrantly green and refreshing to look at, which is one of the best things about spending time at the park.

There are several ways to recreate that aesthetic using artificial grass:

  1. Add paving stone walkways.

One of the most attractive features of parks is the well-maintained walkways that meander through the area. Artificial grass in Fort Worth can be installed around such walkways in a way that compliments the overall design of your landscape. Feel free to use materials that go with the architecture of your homes, such as stone or concrete.

  1. Plant shade trees in your yard.

Some people wonder if you can actually grow live plants and trees on a synthetic yard. The answer is yes! Just make sure to mention it to your installer ahead of time. This will allow them to adjust the design to accommodate trees or plant boxes and pots. They can even install artificial grass around existing trees, so don’t hesitate to open up the idea.

  1. Arrange a seating area.

Don’t worry about damaging turf with heavy outdoor furniture. It’s designed to withstand the weight of heavy objects which tend to flatten or even kill natural grass. Consider adding picnic tables, benches, patio sofas, lounge chairs or outdoor daybeds where friends and families can rest and relax.

  1. Reserve a play corner and a dog run.

If you have children and pets in the family, consider reserving a section of the yard for them. Going to the park means getting to run and play on soft grass, sunbathe, read or play games with your furry best friend.

Turf is both pet-friendly and kid-friendly. It’s shock absorbent, which essential to cushion those inevitable playtime trips and falls. Synthetic grass installation in Fort Worth includes adding an efficient porous backing that quickly drains away dog urine. You can customize their play area too— for instance, add some small tables for homework and crafts. Consider installing a mini obstacle course for your dog plus other features that make the park such a fun place to be in for children and pets.

Create Your Backyard Sanctuary with Artificial Grass

Why wait for the next time you can go to the park, when you can enjoy the same experience at home? Home Turf Fort Worth can help you achieve that park-like ambiance designed to your exact specifications. We also specialize in residential and commercial landscapes, pet-friendly yards and artificial grass putting green installation in Fort Worth. Call us today at 281-816-9598 to get a free quote, schedule a consultation or learn more about the advantages of artificial grass.